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Kartas was a lot more than the heir of a photo duplicate equipment, two chairs and five tables. Kartas was the 1st House at any time the place a relistic and legitimate attempt were designed to function with a non authoritarian, non financial gain and non sexist/racist/ethnicist foundation. The two guys with the so referred to as cyprus indymedia were being by no means existing! How Peculiar....

Το οτι μπορει να υπαρξει πασιφισμος με "εθνικη ταυτοτητα" και αγαπη-των-παντων, δεν σημαινει οτι η εθνικη ταυτοτητα ειναι κατι πραγματικο, οπως αλλωστε η Μητερα Τερεζα δεν αποδεικνυει την υπαρξη του Θεανθρωπου Ιησου.

πάντα μιλώ με πολιτικούς όρους με όλους και μόνο όταν δεκτώ προσωπική επίθεση ενδεχομένως να απαντήσω αναλόγως όπως έχει γίνει με συγκεκριμένα άτομα σε άλλες ομάδες που αυτοκαθορίζονται και φοράνε ταπέλλες αντικαπιταλιστή κλπ ενώ στην πραγματικότητα οι πράξεις αλλά και τα λόγια τους δείχνουν άλλα

We question that the anonymous accusations in opposition to us be rejected on The premise of our general public report in the eyes of the Neighborhood through our steps and text, and by the material about us and by us that is clearly penned in the electronic report of the net.

We all know We have now extra get the job done to carry out, so we’re also making new guardrails inside our product and overview procedures to forestall other troubles such as this from going on Sooner or later.”

We have been accused of publishing names and photographs of a number of people. Certainly, We now have printed the names and photos of individuals who are involved in routines funded with the US State Office and US Assist (the civilian arm from the CIA) as well as other foreign powers, that have infiltrated the left community posing as "anarchists" or in various other "leftist" modes, advertising the agenda and values of racism and Imperialism packaged and marketed in "leftist" slogans. And We are going to proceed to publish them.

VERIFICADO I need artwork for any card activity I am coming up with. The card video game is predicated off Greek mythology, meaning I will probably be on the lookout for unique artwork of various Greek gods, titans, along with other mythological objects.

Final calendar year among our customers was qualified by a street poster campaign accomplished in bogus "anarchist" design and style, in which his photo was released together with the insinuated nameless demand of remaining a police informant, Obviously concentrating on our member with the violence that is certainly reserved for informants:

Right after ProPublica’s short article appeared, Facebook constructed a method that it stated would reduce such ads from currently being authorized.

δεν ξαναδούλεψαν ποτέ από τότε και το μόνο που κάνουν είναι να πολεμούν το ιντινίντια κύπρου το οποίο παλεύει ενάντιο στον ιμπεριαλισμό

Spain and Russia comply with setup joint cybersecurity team The foreign ministers of Russia and Spain say they agreed to ascertain a joint cybersecurity group to help keep the malicious spreading of misinformation...

δηλαδή λόγος ο οποίος εκφερεται από άτομα όπως ο λάζαρος μαύρος πχ που εκπροσωπούν τον πλέον συντηρητικό χώρο κατά την άποψη μου

Ανωνυμε, δεν λεω here οτι ο εθνικιστης ειναι πολεμοχαρης, λεω οτι εχει μια λαθος αποψη, μια δυσειδαιμονια για το τι ειναι. Δεν υπαρχει καμια βιολογικη διαφορα μεταξυ καποιου που γενηθηκε βορεια ή νοτια απο την πρασινη γραμμη.

Οι συκοφάντες και ψευδοκατήγοροι μας, που ζητούν να λογοδοτήσουμε γιά τα δικά τους ψέμματα, έχουν κάποιο ζίου-ζίτσου να κάμουν με τον εσωτερικό τους εαυτό, και καλό θα ήταν να το κάμουν. Εμάς δεν μας αφορά η δική τους εσωτερική πάλη.

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